In this issue


Capturing Practice(s) on Urk Island
Rafico Ruiz (McGill University)

Tweaker Projects
Jason Pine (SUNY Purchase)

Artist Residencies in the Caribbean: Recuperating the Teleoaffective Structure of Visual Arts Practice in the Anglophone Islands
Marsha Pearce (The University of the West Indies)


"Not a game, Not a game, Not a game": Outline of Some Theories of Practice
Cait McKinney (York University) and Dylan Mulvin (McGill University)

Yoga, Music, and Spiritual Practice: A Manifesto
Matthew Wiviott (#LiveYogaMusic)

On the Character of the Therapist
Heather White (Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy)

The Work of Dancing: A Portrait of Kenji Matsuyama Ribeiro (Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal)
Caroline Bem (McGill University)


Behind the Scenes of The Sea Theater: Conversations with Michael Taussig (Columbia University) and Hélène Baril (Visual Artist)
Jasmine Pisapia (Columbia University)

Practice for Itself: An Interview with Jason Gladue (Restaurant BALNEA)
Caroline Bem (McGill University)

Drawing Practice out of a Painted Corner: Visiting the Studio of Wayne Gonzales (Visual Artist)
Natalie Bussey (Contemporary Conservation Ltd.)

Artwork: How to Surf (Topanga) by Jim Skuldt