In this issue


Inscriptions of Time: Towards a Multilevelled Conceptualization of Age
Caroline Bem (McGill University)

L'âge ou le temps apprivoisé de la programmation cosmologique
Marcienne Martin (Université de la Réunion)

Media for the Anthropocene
Rafico Ruiz (McGill University)

'Unexampled eyes': Epochal Old Age and the Geological Imaginary
Pascale McCullough Manning (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh) and Andrea Charise (University of Iowa)


Keeping in Touch with the Aged Body: The Haptic Turn in Contemporary German Cinema
Tatjana Schmidt (University of St. Andrews)

Comment les stars du rock vieillissent: le cas Mötley Crüe
Hélène Laurin (Université d'Ottawa)

Home Pages: Domesticity and Duplicity in Images of Architecture for Ageing
Annmarie Adams (McGill University) and Sally Chivers (Trent University)


Getting on With It: Conservation, Art, and Why the Contemporary Still Matters.
Visiting Contemporary Conservation Limited, New York

Natalie Bussey (Independent Art Writer)

Review: Alain Badiou, The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings
Cayley Sorochan (McGill University)

artwork by Caroline Bem